Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why is airsoft so limited in Canada?

So many people are probably wondering: "Why does Canada's airsoft guns have to be plastic, unlike the US's metal airguns?"

The reason for this is simple, the laws of guns in Canada is EXTREMELY strict, nothing close to the gun laws of the states. Too many kids are irresponsible with airsoft guns in Canada resulting in serious injuries causing the law to become more strict over time.

The current law is unless you have a gun licence, Airsoft guns must have a clear or tinted plastic upper and/or lower receiver. The receiver is basically the handle part of the gun up. This is for rifles, and basically the same for pistols. For sniper rifles the law is they must be plastic, but don't have to be clear.

An example of a Canadian Legal Airsoft Gun:

This is an pretty extreme example, here is an example of a BARLEY Canadian legal airsoft gun:

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Retailers in Canada

So after a few hours I found some awesome retailers in Canada, specifically Alberta, but they ship anywhere inside Canada!
They got a nice polished website, I live only a few mins away from them! Very cheap planning on buying in the summer from them
A bit over-priced but they sell non-civilian airsoft gun which are good if you are age-vertified

Capital Airsoft
I forgot their website but you can search them up
Large variety, probably my favorite but they are slightly more money!